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I Am Not My Hair by Maia Washington

April 21, 2017


I Am Not My Hair
by Maia Washington

India Arie said "I am not my hair" but to many, that's exactly what they know me by

When I was little,

I would fantasize about having pretty long hair like the white kids on tv but

as I grew up I came to realize;

my hair does not define me

I remember when I was younger I thought being asked if I was mixed with something just by the look of my hair was the greatest compliment

you see being black meant nothing to 10 year old me.

I did not know that my skin was beautifully made by the hands of a God and that I did not have to be mixed with any percentage of white to have the hair I long desired so

Dear 5, 10 and 13 year old me,

you will grow up to become as beautiful as you thought you would be... and still be

100% you– Your hair is beautiful.

but you are not your hair and you are not your skin

you are Maia Cecelia Washington and that's unique in itself.

Do not depend on anything but your shining personality to make it in this world.