Baltimore Art Rising

Sleeping on My Color by Tysheira Spruill

April 21, 2017


Sleeping on My Color
by Tysheira Spruill

They keep sleeping on my color i woke up to black and white this isn't old school turn the tv back to color George. I went to sleep and had a dream of elimination your discrimination is the main imagination this thing called limitation was what i was feeling when you put me to sleep behind bars but I didn't do nothing George I had on all black and you had on white you wasn't the saint your beliefs were no good they were outdated just like your reason behind putting me to sleep throw the milk in the trash George. Hatred is the bed and your words is the blanket sleeping on your words of hate i'ma keep spraying you with your H spray are mad cause i'm awake George maybe you should chill on me before i freeze you with the freedom i have it'll go by like a breeze you won't even feel it everything would be cool but I think you like being cold put a coat on George your already sick like the thoughts you have toward my color you have no remorse you don't feel sorry at all for your actions these black and white images keep invading my dreams foreshadowing my nightmares but that's all it is a nightmare we are not our ancestors we refuse to let your words of hate ruin our sleep