Baltimore Art Rising

Untitled by Hagar Shabazz

April 21, 2017


by Hagar Shabazz

They said she had too much mouth

Her mouth the dome shape of flame, she voices words that’ll toast your core

They tell girls like her to be solid

Like rock that don’t move

She is a melting glacier in the wrong atmosphere, tears for years

Eyes be early morning dripping dew, sensitivity through the roof

Skin bumpy like crinkled blanket of a poorly made bed, exhausted

Ears almost nonexistent from being hardheaded,

She only hears her own thoughts

They said she had too much mouth

As if she’d never grow into it

Like when her hips developed faster than her twelve year old mind

Like the tips of his fingers on her lips

As if her tears should’ve been louder than the cries

In their eyes she made the choice of having no choice

She like all women are told to dispose of these types of memories in the abyss of their minds

Memories like these should be drowned

Like the sound

Of her voice

But those thoughts grew gills

They said she had a choice

Because its about what she could’ve done

Its never about what he did

As long as she’s living

It’s always the same story and he’ll continued to be forgiven