Baltimore Art Rising

Black Bird by Myles Pate

April 21, 2017


Black Bird
by Myles Pate

I strive to impress with success because education is an expression in which one adapts to the worlds distaste for salvation

I come from the waters of my ancestors so that this world of dissatisfaction cannot drown me into its abyss

The light from the moon strengthens me.

Makes me as wise, as brave, as distinct as the night howler.

The sunlight from the sun gives me power and unconditional healing. I can feel the energy from the warmth of my skin to the power of my heart beat.

I sit beneath the blood that rains on those who have been killed as my locs absorb the essence of our ancestors.

I am the soldier in the middle of the battle field, brave on the outside of my shell but

Does ones power come from our fight or how we strengthen our minds to be immune to the brainwashing of the world

Black bird flying high in the sky then shot down because of its uniqueness

Black bird weighed down because gravity denies its abilities to go beyond imagination

If one has a mind beyond earth itself mankind puts a gun to their head because they're different.