Baltimore Art Rising

Love Myself by Alicia Morgan aka Snow

April 21, 2017


Love Myself
by Alicia Morgan aka Snow

Heh how can i do that?

If all i do is cause others pain...

When others wanna cause me pain and see me die?

How can i love myself after all i did?

Specially to you..the one i love the most

I apologize

For everything i done

I cant stop these tears they falling so easily

I just wanna fall asleep in your arms once again

Forget it all happen all the bad,

move on from it

But it seem like my mind is too foolish that i cant even remember

No, i dont even know the wrong i done've

That shows how much you hate me

I apologize greatly

Im so cold

I cant stop shivering

But its so hot in here

So why am im so cold?

Why am im crying

Why is my heart hurting

Why is my tummy doing flips in disgust

I always love you

i always will

Nothing will ever be the same