Baltimore Art Rising

Memories by Alicia Morgan aka Snow

April 21, 2017


by Alicia Morgan aka Snow

Peel back the clouds

That clouded your mind

Releasing the river that flows with memories of us...

Wondering what went wrong? How did we fall?

Does it even matter?

we're only staring at the sunset with the river of memories flowing past into a crashing beautiful waterfall~

So pitiful we turn into everything we said we wasnt but yet who even cares?

Surely dont you? Surely do i?

I want to swim...

But i know ill drown

But its so pleasureable

I cant help but smile

As i lay in the river of memories drowning into it existence

A smile cross my face as i drown in the memories of love thats now

... breathing inside of me

Consuming me

Memories seeping into my eyes

My ears ,mouth and nose

Its consuming me so bad its flowing through my veins

Air bubbles escape from me leaving me drowning in memories

This love is cracking like a mirror broken in a million of pieces

Which is why i smile the happiest drowing in the river of memories memories and hope that i carry inside of me~