Baltimore Art Rising

Untitled by Kameron Moir

April 21, 2017


by Kameron Moir

Never Have We Hesitated,

Even With Black And White Thoughts,

We Kept Our Minds Segregated,

Like Food On A Plate,

We Kept Our Children Separated,

Death Toll So Big The Number Can Only Be Estimated, *Woah*

Nat Turn The Page On Oppression,

John Brown Wit The Smith & Wesson,

Messages In Our Songs Constantly Keep Em Guessing,

Or Does It Keep Us Guessing?

Hip Hop Was Uplifting And Inspirational,

So They Introduced N.W.A,

Imagine Hearing More Chuck D's On The Radio Everyday,

Public Enemies Would Take On A New Meaning,

We Would Battle Racism And Hate Instead Of Our Own Demons...And People,

The Reasons Are Evil,

Intentions Are See Through,

Birth Of A Nation Is About To Have A Sequel,

Is It Too Soon Or Long Overdue,

Thats The Question That Determines Ya Point Of View,

3rd Person To Drop In 3 Weeks,

News Anchors Sounding Like Playlists On Repeat,

System Overload In The Privatized Prisons,

Killing A Nigga Jus So He Cant Make A Living,

Just So He Cant See His Children,

The Cycle Sounding Like Playlists On Repeat,

Like Playlists On Repeat,

Like Play Listen Repeat,

He Was Playing In The Street,

He Was Playing With A Piece...Of Plastic,

Tamir Rice With The Semi-Automatic,

Anonymous Caller Sitting In Traffic,

Killing A 12 Year Old Boy Is Just Tragic,

The Land Of War Tactics Always Works Its Magic