Baltimore Art Rising

Revolution by Nashawna Jessup

April 21, 2017


by Nashawna Jessup

May you never be held down by your oppressor , a man reminding you that you are a lesser , as you await the revolution boils in your mind and you are ready

You are not to be locked down in a chains and have your heart and mind caged in a world that doesn’t understand you

A place that strips your mentality and degrades you and makes you believe what is set out for your race

The campaign to chase your dreams becomes the hardest fight of your life your heart and mind take over and as soon as you come close to your freedom you become trapped

A heart so pure but at the same time full of hurt and evil that you are trying to escape fighting to be free

Your mind and all its beautiful wonders being shared with those who understand you as well as i do but of course i would because i am you

Black and proud you continue to lead your head held high with grace, your pain never to be revealed better yet concealed by the stunning exterior that is your ebony skin

Let your mind break the pattern and your soul be awakened from within and the result be revolution