Baltimore Art Rising

Revelation by Cashe Harris

April 21, 2017


by Cashe Harris

The clock still ticks, and it still takes

With it goes my memories with you,

My days taken,

My best taken,

My youth taken,

My energy taken,

My smiles taken,

And my normality taken

So you can take her smiles, her youth, her laughter, her time and hell you can take her, but I'll take me

I'll take my smiles back and turn them into happiness,

I'll take my heart back and make it whole,

I'll take my time back and make it infinite,

I'll take my love back and make it endless,

I'll take my best back and make it better,

I'll take my energy back and make it useful

I'll take my normality back and make it abnormal

And I'll take my attention back and shed light on me.

But, since you like taking, I'll also give

I'll give smiles to those who don't smile for themselves, I'll give time to those who don't have it

I'll give love to those who are most deserving, I'll give life to those who've lost the reason to breathe

I'll give light to the darkness that's overbearing and most importantly, I'll give me the appreciation for living another day

So you can take her and I'll take my eternity.