Baltimore Art Rising

Harley's Freedom by Taylor Gilmore

April 21, 2017


Harley's Freedom
by Taylor Gilmore

I’ve always wanted to be a superhero.

Like superman flying high and taking down bad guys

Or the flash, running fast enough to turn back time

All I wanted to do was help people

The closest thing I could find was ingesting other people's problems and making them my own

I'm tried to help them survive

I had a patient as crazy as they come

He was trickster to my mind

Made me see a shine in his future

He was sweet and charming so I ignored the signs

I was so in love I forgot he was in Arkham for a reason

I tried to help him escape

Physically he was free but his thoughts were now his prison

I was afraid I would soon be a patient at my own work place because my patience was running out

He told me I was the only person he cared about and that's when I knew he was a joker

He would always play games just to rev up his harley and leave

It seems like all he did was push me away

It's crazy right, to love someone who hurt you

But it's even crazier to think that they love you too

I'm so messed up I didn't care that he broke me down because he always made me smile again

Sometimes I heard voices that told me to kill everyone and escape

But it was just him talking

He wanted to take me away with him to get away from all the problems not realizing he was one of them

What the voices really said was to kill this relationship and escape him

I was blinded by him smile so I couldn't see the evil look that came with it but

I finally see that manipulative piece of slime for what he is

A depressed, psychopathic clown

So no more obsession

No more craziness

No more jokers

Because you can't put a crown on a clown and expect them to act like a king

He always had me laughing

Not because he was funny but because he was a joke

Always telling me he wanted to commit suicide

I think he just wanted to be like ledger

See the joker doesn't have green hair, a purple suit, or even cuts on his mouth

He has nappy black hair, clothes that are too big, and cuts on his eyebrows

When he was running from the authorities in his life I was his getaway

I gave him a place to stay but he said I was still in debt to him and to me that was ok

He was going through criminal withdrawal so

He started to think my pockets were a bank and he was trying to rob it

But as the words no left my lips

So did he

I hate the way he loved my body just the way it is

Only when he was

Loving my body just the way he pleased

But when I would eat

More that one cookie

He said "haven't you had enough"

I'll admit at times he made me feel small

But that was only when being compared to his ego

So yes I've had enough

Enough of the sick tormenting games that he loves to play

Go show your tricks to some other chick because I'm over feeling like anything less that a queen

I'm done with boys who use makeup to make up for their flaws

Because like I said,

You can't put a crown on a clown and expect them to act like a king.