Baltimore Art Rising

Bed ridden by Keyma Flight

April 21, 2017


Bed ridden
by Keyma Flight

I am bed ridden because of you

I didn't know if sleeping with you made me less or more lonely and I was afraid of it being the latter so I stayed

I stayed because having you in my sheets meant I didn't have to deal with the stuff that clouded my mind

An hour of pleasure to forget the pain

Like soda, you were addicting and gave me a rush, but poisoned me to the point where I was sick


I fooled myself into thinking that your nudity was built only for me and I couldn't stand having you for just one night

I've memorized every detail of your body like you were art

Yet art is displayed for everyone and I can't have that

I couldn't lose you to the highest bidder

You told me I had the most

You told me I was the very best

As I remember the time we spent

I hurt because the only beauty you saw was in the moving bed springs