Baltimore Art Rising

When End Now by Latashia Blizzard

April 21, 2017


When End Now
by Latashia Blizzard

Head up, chest down, dance with confidence. Oh yeah!!

You must look the part to be the part. Those were the things I was taught.

Kill myself to be the best pay your feelings no mind cause it will soon play in the game.

Starving is a part of being me. But who am I???

I could never find that out in the world of reality cuz I don't exist.

But when my feet touch the floor and music in my ears.

It place me In a place of peace, turning and moving in the spot light to have another unwanted soul dancing with me. Her arms were long and black as a bird, skin rough with scars, it hurt to see her so continue to dance away from her.

Her claws painted her name in my skin. LET ME GO AND LEAVE. She lifted me in the air so high the fall wasn't reality. I extended my leg to find the chains of depression wrapped around me like pointe shoes.

Lights out then a bright lights shined upon me and two other shadows. One of her head and the other of her body however both were inadequate. You can never leave me. You can make this world your kingdom. Your father in heaven has abandoned your light of innocence.