Baltimore Art Rising

The Traffic Jam by Majesty Anderson

April 21, 2017


The Traffic Jam
by Majesty Anderson

The feelings in my body is like a tragic jam

everyone gets backed up n upset over either one person or multiple people has done to themselves

the anger inside feels like hell n I can't imagine how it looks from the outside but in the inside it's like I'm already there

the redness the madness the chaos all in one no human bean can get control over

there is no telling w/ 1 human mind goes through wen they hit that breakin point

just even havin that 1 negativity can put someone ina whole other world that no one will ever understand

the ones that they call mentally insane r the ones who has actually seen more then what a regular human mind can pertain

but it's all about who & what control the mind of that one person that caused everyone to get backup in that traffic jam