Access Art

CAC Members: Jessie Houff & Susan Tuberville

ACCESS ART is a youth-focused community arts organization that inspires personal success by providing a safe space for hands-on learning in a variety of artistic media combined with civic engagement and leadership development for elementary, middle and high school youth. Serving over 100 youth each day in communities across Baltimore City, we empower participants not only with comprehensive arts skills, but tools to help them in their journey towards success such as collaboration skills, problem solving techniques, job experience and a positive self-image.  

Visit Access Art's Website to learn more!  Access Art also created a fantastic Padlet Website filled with art making tutorials and videos.

In addition, head to Jessie's YouTube channel to see all her how-to art tutorials!

Learn how to make Zendoodles or a Tiny Book with Ms. Jessie!


Student Work

Spring 2020


Two Access Art participants collaborated to make this incredible collage of Access Art's logo in the universe!


Participants work on creating their own Apps experimenting with collage and water color.

Participants explored with Alcohol Inks to create these unique water color-like paintings.






Kindness for Paws Art Show

Spring 2020

Our participants made animal portraits for the Kindness for Paws Show, hosted and organized by the Maryland SPCA. Students had their work displayed downtown. We even sold a few!

One of our students was chosen for the "BEST IN SHOW" selection, which was featured with all the other Best in Show winners. Congratulations, Kjiersten!!

Cool Down Space

Fall 2019

In collaboration with Community Artist Ms. Aliana, our participants decorated a designated "Cool Down Space" for our center. Participants may go to this space when they need to breathe and take a break for a few minutes. Everything was decorated by our participants. Some of the things in this space include: calming essential oils, written affirmations, puzzles, pompoms made by the participants, and stress relieving toys.




Art Exhibit

Fall 2019

In December we had our big semester Art Exhibit at the Morrell Park Elementary/Middle School's Harvest Festival. 

One of our participants wrote a rap and performed it for his peers at Access Art!

"My New Single" 

Participants took old records and made them their own! Working either as an individual or with a partner, participants wrote an original song and created a hit single Platinum Album with original album artwork!

"THRILLER video"

Participants worked together to re-create the Thriller video. It was a beautifully edited film produced by Ms. Chelsi and some of our technically talented participants. It was shown at the exhibit, and our Elementary Access Art participants LOVED it!


Participants displayed their prop Graveyard stones and masks that they made using plaster, paint, and fabric.