Gen Fraser


Gen Fraser has been involved in the arts for several years.  She has performed in stage productions, dance troupes, as a choral singer and musician; but first and foremost, she is a visual artist. She graduated with a B.A. in Art History, a second major in African American Studies, a minor in History, and a certificate in Community Engagement from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has displayed and sold her art at shows in Maryland, Virginia, and California. Finding beauty in the mundane, taking inspiration from daydreams, and appreciating the details in the world around her, she uses bright and expressive colors to authentically display them. Her work focuses on storytelling and illustrates aspects of human nature from a sociological perspective. She often contemplates about who we are and how we relate to one another and our environments. One prevalent theme is the timeliness of the beauty and joy that we experience in life. She desires to express the importance of memory, stopping to smell the roses and savoring these fleeting moments.  Currently, she is studying Community Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art in their MFA program and serving in AmeriCorps as the Community Artist in Residence at Port Discovery Children’s Museum. She hopes to continue to expand her craft, pushing the themes of her work with the goals of meaningful social engagement and empathy building in mind.

Check out more artwork created by Gen on her Instagram account here: @gendesigns_