Kimberly Boston


Kimberly (Kimmy) Boston is a Baltimore based smartphone artist, graphic designer and General Fine Arts (GFA) graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art. In addition to working in an unconventional medium, Kimmy prides herself on being able to do a bit of everything, including web design, coding, watercolor, and digital painting and illustration. The ability to communicate visually in a number of ways, crossing cultural and linguistic boundaries is something that Kimmy is constantly striving for. She is interested in approaching topics of thoughts, feelings, and mental health in a way that is comfortable for her audience. Kimmy is currently serving in the CAC at Roberta's House.


Personal & Professional Artwork

Cherished Parfait

Starting as a senior thesis project in undergrad at MICA, Cherished Parfait has become the name for all of Kimberly's works that focus on teaching and learning mental and emotional wellness through art and design.

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Feel Beans






"Beans with Feels"

Feel Beans are the playful, approachable and relatable representation of the multifaceted nature of human emotion in illustrated narratives of mental, physical and emotional experiences.

"A Bean for Your Thoughts"


Using free association, the Beans offer a pro-social means of expression for non-verbal communication. Feeling a feel and not sure how to explain it? A Bean can help!

"We've All "Bean" There"

Everyone is going through something and we can all relate to one another in some way. Feel Beans not only help us identify and articulate our own experiences, but help us relate to and empathize with others.

"Kimmy's Beans"

Process drawin' my feels as beans. Feel Beans!



Art Journaling

"What might art making look like now?"

During the COVID-19 Quarantine, Kimberly decided to move away from digital medium and use the opportunity to explore the home. She began to create pieces using simple items found around the home, such as greeting cards, pictures, old artbooks, old watercolor sets, etc.

"How can I make my art nurture me?"

What she ended up with were entirely unique works made from different things; a collage. The pieces made from greeting cards became inspirational, encouraging and loving reminders of the people that care about her. Pieces made from artbooks became entirely new pieces images, put together in an intuitive process that favors complementary colors.