Port Discovery

CAC Member:  Gen Fraser

Port Discovery is a premier children’s museum in Baltimore City that is focused on expanding the ways that youth learn through innovative, fresh, interactive, playful and engaging experiences.  Port Discovery Children’s Museum educates children and inspires life-long curiosity. We:

  • Have a positive influence on academic success and success in life
  • Provide a safe, smart place to engage in child-driven playful learning
  • Are an innovative thought leader, bringing best practices to our children and families in Maryland and beyond
  • Extend our impact by taking our programs into the community state wide

During the pandemic, Port Discovery has been sharing a ton of great resources for play at home. Their website and social media accounts feature a variety of live and video workshops that teach young people how to be creative at home.  Continue scrolling below to see some exciting resources developed by CAC Member Gen Fraser!


Check out the "teaser" video she made for a Step Class she taught live!

Click the link for a ton more resources about Step on the Port Discovery Blog here!





Check out this character design tutorial she made here!



Gen also led a meditation workshop on Facebook Live. 

You can view the whole video here!






For more ways to PLAY, be sure to visit Port Discovery on Facebook Instagram, and our News Room.