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CAC Member: Keyarra Johnson



About Us:

Youth in Business (YIB) is a program of Jubilee Arts. YIB cultivates the entrepreneurial leadership skills of Baltimore youth (age 14-18) by providing hands on experience operating an art-based business. Through the YIB design collective, youth learn how to run a successful business. Youth are supported in leadership development within the program in addition to career and higher education planning support to provide youth long term economic independence! 

Youth learn professional workforce and leadership skills, explore industrial ceramic production methods and utilize a variety of ceramic techniques, and work collaboratively to create socially conscious concepts using Adobe computer software. 


Youth in Business Team Members have created many amazing products that are available for purchase. Check out our online shop here!


                YIB Annual Retreat

         Even during these difficult and uncertain times              YIB has always found a way to continue the                    work while also having fun along the way!

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