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CMS Users Group Meeting #1

April 9, 2018
1:00PM - 3:00PM
Brown 320

As most of you know, we're many months into a complete rebuild of MICA's website and MyMICA portal. Designs have been approved and our partner, Fastspot, is several weeks into development. In tandem with Fastspot's development, Nicole Clark (who we've brought on board to help us with web content) will be working with many of you to review web content and help migrate it to the new website.

CMS Users Group

To help support this important change during website migration and to support all of you ongoing after the launch of the new website, we're creating a CMS Users Group.

I'd like to invite you to attend the first CMS Users Group meeting, scheduled for Monday, April 9, 2018, from 1:00-3:00pm in Brown 320. You'll receive a Google invite in a few minutes. Please RSVP.

We'll be sharing with you the progress on the project and a preview of the new CMS. We also want to share more of the designs so you can join us in our excitement about this new site.


As part of our work to launch a more user-friendly, innovative website, we've selected a new content management system to make creating and maintaining content much easier for everyone. We're happy to be using BigTree CMS for this project. Several of us have spent a little time getting familiar with how it works and have found it to be incredibly useful and user-friendly. I'm sure you'll find it much easier to use than Ingeniux.