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Dasol Kim

January 10, 2017
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Common Senses

curated by Dasol Kim
Part 1: February 4-25, 2017 at Project 1628
Part 2: April 2-30, 2017 at Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center

Part 1: Seungtack Lim, Steve Totin, Woojung Ko
Part 2: Paul Hy Kim, Madeline Stratton, Abby Song, Doohyun Yoon, James Cole

While the first part of Common Senses —which ran at Bolton Hill’s Project 1628 Gallery in February—focused on 3D work, this show will feature 2D work that similarly activates multisensory experiences and cultivates a deeper understanding of how we perceive the world around us. Common Senses Pt. 2 is curated within the theme of synesthesia and the five human senses with various multisensory artworks. The participating artists were invited to create artistic responses to the show’s theme, musicians will respond to the art with improvised performances, and audience members will respond to both the art and the music at the opening reception through a series of interactive prompts.

Curated by Dasol Kim, a graduate student in MICA’s MFA in Curatorial Practice program, the exhibition features wide-ranging works from four Baltimore-based artists (Paul HY Kim, Abby Song, Madeline Stratton, and James Cole) and one New-York based artist (Doohyun Yoon) in a spacious and welcoming setting to facilitate interactivity. As an art-and-psychology exhibition, Common Senses presents new audience opportunities for intuitive interaction and transformative encounters. By emphasizing how sight, sound, smell, and touch can affect and alter reality and perception in the audience, it facilitates greater overall awareness and fresh insight into the work on display. Inspired by the magical phenomenon called synesthesia, it also heightens multisensory perception and prompts unexpected encounters that allow visitors to experience new ways of holistically absorbing art.

Synesthesia is the combined perception of two or more senses and is a psychological phenomenon where one sense triggers associations with another sense. Hearing a sound, for instance, may trigger seeing a color, as in hearing a car horn might cause someone to see the color blue.

This interaction will allow the audience to engage with artworks more deeply by understanding each work through the lens of synesthesia. The exhibition aims to teach how synesthesia affects our perception of art. Each work of art is created with two or more senses such as sight, sound, scent, hearing, and taste, in order to stimulate our imagination beyond our common notion, and give different and new forms of perception when two or more senses are intertwined.

Soul + Art music performance: April 2nd, 2017
Gary Thomas and Blake Meister, two world-renowned jazz musicians, will respond to the artworks displayed in the gallery and the overall concept of the show through an improvisational performance.