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Yuzhuo Mark Zhang

February 18, 2018
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curated by Yuzhuo Mark Zhang

March 2-March 28, 2018 
Opening Reception: March 2, 7-9 pm
M-F 12-4 pm / And by appointment

Babble Explores Language Barriers in an Increasingly Connected World
New multimedia exhibition opens at Station North’s Gallery CA on March 2nd. 

Baltimore, MD--Babble, an exhibition addressing the impact of language barriers in challenging and insightful ways, opens at Gallery CA on March 2 and runs through March 28. 

Babble investigates how language barriers alter verbal communication and understanding. “I have struggled with language, and it influences every aspect of my life in America,” says curator Yuzhuo (Mark) Zhang, a Chinese immigrant and MFA candidate at Maryland Institute College of Art’s Curatorial Practice Program. “These artists share their personal experiences with language barriers in provocative ways, and from dynamic perspectives.”

Babble features seven national and international artists. Naoko Wowsugi, a Washington DC-based multidisciplinary artist of Korean and Japanese descent, reflects on overcoming her struggles learning English; New York-based artists Alina and Jeff Bliumis address language barriers in academia as well as in everyday life in New York through installations and photographs; In two documentary-styled videos, Canadian artist Brendan Fernandes, with cultural and family ties to India and Kenya, investigates how various accents can impact verbal communication; Italian New York-Based multidisciplinary artist Lucio Pozzi tells a story in a nonsensical language, with a plot  enhanced by the buildup of sound, physical gestures, and facial expressions; and Chinese artist Jianfeng Yao tells his own story of coming to the U.S. and confronting isolation, fear, and loneliness. Baltimore-based artist Gerald Leavell II uses several different languages, as well as non-verbal gestures, to reflect upon the world traveler’s experiences with cross-cultural communication barriers and methods of understanding.     

Baltimore, as a harbor city and a hub for education, business and healthcare, attracts people from around the country and around the world, making the understanding of languages and clear communication increasingly important. In the state of Maryland alone there are 1.1 million non-English speakers, not counting the multitude of different accents, cultural differences, academic and professional jargons, and various modes of communication and perception. Language barriers are encountered by everyone, by non-native and native speakers alike, in an increasingly globally connected world—making the need for people’s voices to be heard as we strive to build a global village connecting people wherever they are. 

Yuzhuo (Mark) Zhang is originally from Yixing, China and moved to Baltimore for graduate school at MICA in 2016. He received his undergraduate degree at the Nanjing University of the Arts, focusing on Art History. Writing has been a large part of Zhang’s practice, and he has written several exhibition essays and reviews in China. He is now the lead organizer of MICA GradEx Club, which is a student organization dedicated to providing graduate students with opportunities for professional solo and group exhibitions. He has curated and co-curated several intriguing solo and group GradEx exhibitions since 2017. Recent curatorial projects include Baltimore’s White Lies, at Spacecamp Gallery, Spectrum II at MICA’s Fred Lazarus IV Studio Center. 

For interviews, gallery tours, and press images, contact Yuzhuo (Mark) Zhang at or 773-441-5727. For additional information, visit