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MICA Educational Technology How-to Guides

November 16, 2017

Addressing some of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), here are some How-to Guides that take you step-by-step through tasks within the various online tools you use everyday – Google Apps for Education, Canvas, Online Evaluations and Adobe Connect for Web Conferencing.


Google Apps for Education @ MICA

Sharing files with Google Drive

This short guide walks you through the Google Drive sharing interface and what different things may be accomplished with Drive.

Syncing Drive to My Computer

Google Drive has an option akin to Dropbox, where you designate folder(s) on your
personal computer that are connected to an online version of that folder on Google
Drive. Syncing these folders will automatically reflect changes in both locations made online or on your computer.


Canvas @ MICA

Basic Canvas Navigation

Main features that are essential to experiencing the Canvas Interface to the fullest. You can customize your Global Navigation panel, Course Dashboard customization, and other features to make your Canvas page truly yours.

Adding your Syllabus to Canvas

The syllabus is most likely the first thing uploaded to your Canvas course. Follow this short
step-by-step guide to successfully upload any files that you might want to have online for students via Moodle.

Embedding or Linking Videos on Canvas

Uploading videos onto Canvas make it easier for students to access any videos you might want them to see.
You may directly insert your videos through third-party applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, and other
external tools or directly embed videos by inputting the URL through Youtube or Vimeo.

Import Old Course Material into a New Canvas Page

If you find yourself teaching the same or a similar class every semester and wish to
transfer course material from semester to semester, this tutorial will help you do just that.

Sending Mass Emails on Canvas

Sometimes, it is easier to email your students directly from your Canvas page without
switching to another browser window or email application. To have this function available to you, follow this quick how-to.

Sharing Files with Google Drive

If you would like to share certain files with your students, you can upload it onto modules in Canvas for easier access to students.

Adjusting Notification Settings

By default, Canvas sends you a weekly email that summarize any activities that happened on your Canvas page.  You can adjust these notification preferences to change how frequently you want these emails/notifications, what content you want on your notifications, etc.


Online Evaluations with EvaluationKit @ MICA

Creating Custom Questions

Want to know what your student think about your course? This step-by-
step guide shows you how to add custom questions to the course survey.

Result Reporting for Instructors

This tutorial will guide you on how to obtain the results for end-of-semester evaluations.

Result Reporting for Administrators

This tutorial will guide you on how to access results as a departmental admin for end-of-semester evaluations.