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Baltimore Natural Dye Initiative (BNDI) Spring Symposium Series

April 13, 2021

We are pleased to share the announcement for the Baltimore Natural Dye Initiative (BNDI) spring symposium series! This series has been produced and created by Artist-in-Residence, Rosa Sung Ji Chang,’11. You can view dates, see more information and register for events here on MICA's website.

Rosa will be hosting two Q & A sessions. 


On Friday, April 30th, Rosa will be discussing her project, the Indigo Shade Map with four panelists. Indigo Shade Map is an educational online map and a space for cultural exchanges showing a variety of indigo plants and connecting indigo farmers, dyers, and hobbyists from various cultures in one place. The map can be seen here. Panelists are Britt Boles, Gasali Adeyemo, Kenya Miles, and Wang Sik Kim.


Zoom registration for Indigo Shade Map, Friday, April 30th, 7PM EST:


The second Q and A session will be Korean Natural Dye: Traditions Meet the Contemporary and Beyond, on Saturday, May 1st at 7pm. This session will bring together four natural dye practitioners and scholars who research and create arts, crafts, and educational programs with various types of traditional Korean natural dye and textile methods. The panelists are Mi Sook Cho, Dr. Buk-Gu Heo, Aimee Lee, and Sousou Jang from Kindigo Studio.


Zoom registration for Korean Natural Dyes, Saturday, May 1st, 7PM EST:


A series of interviews with all eight panelists will be launched in the coming weeks!

We are very excited to host these events and thank Rosa Chang and her team Eva Sailly ‘20, Anushka Jajodia ‘20, and Audrey Naiva ‘22, for their work on the series to celebrate the research Rosa has conducted, and to bring together an incredible community of artists, practitioners, and researchers.


We hope you can register to attend and share in the celebration with Rosa, the invited artists, and her work! Please share far and wide with students and friends.