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Tool Crib Hours

Updated at June 21, 2019

Schedule to be announced when the fall semester begins. 



Resource Checkout Durations

         Umbrella swift , t-pins, items from flammable box including wax pots,        

         sprays, etc., and ball winder

         Surface, dye room tools

         Iron, steamers, tailor hams, heat press

         Photo stand, paper rolls

         Fans, blowers, heat sealers

         Embroidery hoops, smocking machine, sewing awl



Late Fees and Fiber Tool Crib Blocks

The late fee notice can appear on the Web checkout if a person has something overdue or if a person has returned an item, but it was late and accrued a late fee fine (an invoice).  

The Web Check out system is not directly connected to MICA’s Student Finance Department, but it is connected to other Web Checkout Centers including Photo, Technology, Graduate Film Center, Fitness Center and the Brown Center Checkout Centers. Thus, when a late fee notice comes up, it will block a user from checking out equipment.

The block on the checkout is either due to an invoice or overdue equipment/s.

Tool Crib Staff will not be able to check out tools to a student who has a late fee or overdue item from its own Center or any other center if a “red triangle” appears once they start to enter in a student’s name. The Tool Crib Staff will be able to manage the block if the block is from the Fiber Department.

When a student user receives the “red triangle,” the Tool Crib staff is able to view the block by checking both the activities list and the invoice list…

  1. The “People search” is located under the bar “People. ” Staff can enter the student’s name. They will look under the tab of “activities” and can view if there is an item not returned.

From this point they can also view if the item is a Fiber Tool Crib issue or an issue from another checkout center. If it is a block from the Fiber Tool Crib Center, a student worker can then proceed to clear the block. (See next page)

If the checkout is from the Fiber Tool Crib, the staff can proceed to clear the block.


  1. “People search” the students name. They can look under the tab of “invoices” and see if there are invoices that have not been dealt with. This could mean that an item was returned, but an invoice was accrued. At this time staff may inform the tool crib user of the invoice information and proceed if the invoice was due to a Fiber Tool Crib charge.

Clearing the Block

Once the block has been identified as a Fiber Department issue, the staff will asked the student tool crib user if the student will accept the late fee.




The late fee log in book:

Once a month and at the end of the semester, the late fees are emailed to Student accounts. The Fiber Department does not accept late fees directly. The students can pay for late fees by checks, cash, flex card, and credit cards. Once the student signs for the late fee, in the log book, the student can access the check out centers. The late fee log book has the list of late fees and also replacement costs. So a late fee signed and logged in at the beginning of the month may not be sent to Student Accounts until beginning of the next month. The dates of the acceptance of late fee is emailed to Danielle Bowly, a student account representative by the Fiber Studio Manager.  The Student Accounts Office is located on the second floor of Bunting. Late fees are entered to a MICA account and do not come back to Fibers. Replacement costs are given back to the department to pay for items that may be lost or broken and not repairable.



The following describes the policies of using the Fiber Tool Crib:


Students must be prepared to present your MICA ID to show the staff when checking out supplies.  The student may need to confirm identity when they are checking out equipment.


Check in and Check outs must be administered by Tool Crib Staff employee, a faculty member, or a Fiber Studio Manager.


The Tool Crib supplies are available to current Fiber students after signing the agreement.

The agreement signature is good for the full academic year. If a student drops a class, after the registered drop, the tool crib privileges are closed and they must return any equipment borrowed at this point.  Anyone who has dropped, or is not currently a student with the Fiber Department, must fill out a permission form and be confirmed for use after signing this agreement. If a student has taken a course within the last year, normally the request is granted. If a student is a Fiber major the request is often granted. If the student has not taken a course, the request is reviewed by the Tool Crib Manager and the faculty who normally use the tools related to their classroom.  The permission form is in the Tool Crib Form notebook. The Tool Crib Staff can give you a copy of this form. The Student Permission Form can be scanned and sent to or placed in Michelle Edwards Longway’s mail box. The student will receive notice once confirmation is given.

EVERYONE using the Tool Crib must sign an agreement.


Students must be aware that items in the Tool Crib have various durations of check out time. Failure to bring an item back on its due date and time will result in a late fee. Students are responsible to ask the staff for the due date.


Late fee for items are one dollar per day. The Web Checkout system calculates late fees 20 minutes after its due date and time.


The department does not administer reservations for students. Items are on first come basis. Only items for the senior thesis show may be reserved. Seniors will be directed as exhibition date is near. Faculty are able to reserve tools for their class workshops or projects.


Depending on Fiber class needs, equipment may be on reserve for upcoming workshops, limiting or prohibiting check outs.


The Studio Manager or Tool Crib staff can request early return of equipment from the crib due to class workshops needs.


Students may be able to get permission to hold a tool for longer if the tool is available and the student has permission from the studio managers. Only managers can request staff to lengthen the check out period.


Students should not just leave equipment at the Fiber door or just leave the equipment in the crib and expect that the equipment will be checked in properly. Tool crib supplies must be check backed and reported by staff.


Students must stopped by the Tool Crib desk to check in or check out all equipment borrowed.


Equipment should be returned in the same condition that it was checked out. As the item is checked out, the student and staff should make a report if any damage or problem with the equipment is found. It is important for Health and Safety initiatives that any electrical cord problems are reported and any unusual condition of equipment be reported during check outs or check ins (power issue problems, damaged cords, strange odors or sounds).  If this report is made the equipment is pulled from circulation.


If a student has a open fine from another Department using the Web Checkout or a late item from our records, they will need to clear the fine before using the Fiber Department Tool Crib.


If a student has equipment that was not checked out, and this is discovered, they will receive a late fee charge. (1 dollar for most equipment, 5 dollars for sewing machines or dressforms) Students may receive additional charges per day if not returned or properly checked out.   


Read the Tool Crib Manual for more specific information. (lost or stolen items, items that are broken and need to be replaced, and how late fee fines are administered, …)


Student Replacement Policy for Lost,Stolen or damaged equipment.


​1.Students are responsible to cover the ​full replacement value of equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged that costs $200.00 or less.


2. In addition to the first $200.00 of loss, students are responsible to cover 10% of the value from $201.00 up to $25,000.  The maximum a student will be charged is $2,500.00.This responsibility is per occurrence.


3.Students are required to contact the department or check out center when equipment is stolen.Students must get a Police report if the​ occurrence​ took place off campus or contact Campus Safety for​ occurrences​ that occur on campus.


4.Equipment not returned after 10 business days with no correspondence from the student could be considered lost. Students may receive a replacement cost on their Student Account. Students are responsible for the replacement value based on the cost of that particular item. The above value information is considered.