First Year Experience (FYE)

General Information

Office Contacts:

Associate Dean: Michael Weiss // 410.225.5122 //

Department Chair: Michelle La Perrierer // 410.225.2535 // 

Assistant Chair: Jenna Frye //

Administrative Coordinator: Roger Woods // 410-225-2535 //

FYE Tech: Charles Mason, III // 410.225.2535 // 

FYE Advisor: Laura Birdsall // 410.225.2336//  also see the Advising page for more information!

****Roger and the 1st floor security guards have key access to most rooms.****



MICA’s policy on plagiarism can be found here: 

If you have questions on how to apply this policy, or if a student wants to contest your decision, please contact the department chair (Michelle LaPerriere,


MICA’s attendance policy guidelines can be found here:

Please remember that you are the authority on the attendance policy for your own respective classes. MICA’s policy exists to support your policy, not to supplant it. If a student has formal accommodations that have bearing on your attendance policy, you will receive documentation from the Learning Resource Center (LRC). If a student does not have an LRC accommodation but needs to miss class due to a medical or personal reason, you may receive documentation from Louise Cracknell, the Student Development Specialist. This documentation does not compel you to make any certain attendance decision - it is just a way for students to distribute documentation to their professors. Your attendance decisions remain your purview even when documentation is provided. 


Supplies and Equipment Available:

For more information, please contact Charles  or Roger

Camera and equipment (must make advance arrangements)
Copier, printer
Clamp lamps and bulbs
Extension cords
First Aid
Kitchen Utensils (spoons, forks, knives, napkins, paper plates and cups -- Remember to clean up after yourself)
Laptops (4) -- must be reserved ahead of time. Email Roger
Microwave and refrigerator 
Paper (white for copier, color for copier, card stock, red rosin rolls, black rolls, white rolls, butcher)
Scanners (must make arrangements in advance; ask Ulric)
Scissors, hammers, nails, cordless drill, staple gun, glue gun and glue sticks
Still life props
Yoga accoutrement (mats, blankets)

We have small lockers available if you would like to keep a personal stash of supplies -- ask Roger for a combination lock.



Due to the number and varying types of classes now using the studios, we will strictly enforce the following rules.  Please be mindful that others will use your classroom after your class is over. Make sure the room is tidy before you leave it.  To that end…


Drawing instructors are allowed to order models (per semester) as follows:

Please email Roger and Viki Ford ( at least a week before you need the model.





Usually the department’s policy is to not pay for or subsidize class field trips, including transportation and/or admission fees.  [Except “Finding Baltimore”] However, the assistant chairs may make exceptions. 

All of the agreements of responsible travel can be accessed through this document.



Emergency funds (typically $100 or less) are available to any FYE students who are struggling to pay for art supplies or who have an emergency expense. To connect students with this funding, please fill out this form and send it to Roger at If you have any questions, get in touch with Roger, Laura (, or Michelle ( 



For the average 3-credit hour course, it is reasonable to expect a student to work 3-5 hours outside of class. There may be weeks when your course requires more or less, but we ask that you be mindful that our FYE students take 4 studio courses and one academic course each semester which is a tremendous workload. 

During Fall break, we ask that all faculty in FYE refrain from assigning homework that will be due upon return from break. Ongoing homework is fine. We believe this time during fall break is a critical rest moment for our students and they need the time to catch up on work and to reset. Thank you for honoring this time by not assigning homework.