First Year Experience (FYE)
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Form/Space Syllabi and Lesson Plans

Updated at August 24, 2018

note that you will need to be signed into your MICA google account in order to access most of these documents.

Sample Syllabi


Syllabus starter documents: up to date required language and required content for your syllabi. Please save the syllabus document with the following formatted title:
"LastName_FirstName_CourseTitle" (e.g. Smith_Jane_IntroToPhoto).  Please send your syllabus as an attachment (Word document or PDF format) to Roger Woods and cc Jenna Frye 


Projects etc

BWM Faculty Projects
PSF Faculty Projects
FAQ about Form/Space curriculum and facilities


Examples of how to meet SLOs (more coming!)

"Through the Eyes of Through the Eyes of Claes Oldenberg" a project by Sarah Barnes. Great examples of translation of scale, of iteration, of material/craft consciousness and site specific installation.


Amy's Digital Binder of Goodness 

Main folder
Studio Procedures
Adhesives Chart
Costumes and Chemistry
Mitre Saw
Paper Mache over Clay
Portable Electric Drill
Prown_1982 Material Culture
The Complete Book of Sewing


Tool Quizzes

Band Saw Safety Quiz

Drill Press Safety Quiz

Jigsaw Safety Quiz

Stationary Sander Safety Quiz