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Meet Your GPAs, Health Form Reminder, Welcome from GSC, and getting to know the Lazarus Center!

July 09, 2019

Meet your Graduate Program Assistants!




Graduate Program Assistants support the effective operation of their program and serve as graduate student leaders working collaboratively with their Program Directors and the Office of Graduate Studies. Get to know your GPA - they have lots to share and will help facilitate communications between students, your program director(s) and the Office of Graduate Studies. 





Health Form Reminder! 


A Message from Dr. Judith M. Kinney, Associate Dean for Student Health and Wellness:

​As part of our commitment to foster optimal health and wellness for our students, MICA has a mandatory student health insurance policy in place for all students. The policy requires students attending MICA to maintain health insurance coverage that covers them every day of their higher education career. This policy helps to ensure that students do not have to make a choice between continuing their education and paying medical bills. If you have private health insurance that is comparable to the school-sponsored plan, you may waive out of the insurance. If you do not have private health insurance, or it does not provide coverage in the Baltimore, MD area, you will need to enroll in the insurance plan. Additional information will be mailed to your home address on file with MICA over the next few weeks.  After July 15, you may visit for additional information on the Student health insurance program and answers to frequently asked questions. Read the complete letter here.


MICA Health History Form is due by Friday August 2, 2019

Schedule an appointment with your doctor/physician to complete your Health History Form. After this is completed, submit these form(s) to MICA Student Health Services via email to or fax to 410-225-0252. You may also mail it, along with your immunization record to Student Health Services, MICA, 1501 W. Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21217.

If you want to waive the Meningitis Vaccine requirement please fill out this form and return it by Friday August 2, 2019 as well.

Should you need additional information or clarification regarding the health history form, please feel free to call MICA Student Health Services at 410-225-4118 or visit here to access additional information and health-related forms.

*Please note that if you are planning to live in on-campus housing, and have not received a meningitis vaccine, you will not be allowed to move in without first having signed and returned the Meningococcal Vaccine Waiver *





Welcome from Graduate Student Council! 


As the leaders of the Student Voice Association Graduate Student Council we want to welcome you to MICA! 

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is a student advocacy group that acts as a liaison between MICA's graduate population and the Office of Graduate Studies with a goal to improve and enhance the overall graduate experience.

Representatives from each graduate program meet monthly to discuss topics relevant to graduate education and student life. Last semester, we focused on graduate funding, diversity, wellness, healthy vending options, studio lighting, committee participation, transparency with administration, and campus transportation.

Our monthly meetings are open to all members of the Graduate Community. The GSC meetings serve as an excellent way to encourage and facilitate communication between MICA's several graduate programs. Snacks & hot beverages are always provided.

Being part of GSC is a great way to be involved in a leadership role and contribute to the graduate community. In the Fall we’ll be looking for program reps (GPAs are highly encouraged) to serve on the council, and we are also looking for a 4th GSC leader! While the leadership roles are elected positions, the program representative positions are self-selected and voluntary. We hope you’ll consider getting involved!

Any additional questions, feel free to contact us via email. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Please join us for our first meeting, Wednesday, September 11th from 2:30-3:30 pm in Lazarus Center #109. *Across main elevator.

Special thanks to Karol Y. Martinez-Doane (Director, Center for Student Engagement), Mike Z. Patterson (VP, Student Affairs/Dean of Students), & Grad Studies for supporting the blueprint of GSC.



2019 Fall SVA GSC Officers/Leaders 

Hsiao-Chu (Julia) Hsia '20 she/her, Community Arts.

Nina Q. Allen '20 she/her, Mt. Royal School of Art.

Rebecca Marimutu '20 she/her, Photographic & Electronic Media.





Road Map to the Lazarus Center! 


Use this handout to familiarize yourself with the Lazarus Center and it's facilities! 


Designed by Elle Jones, the amazing Graduate Studies Work Study Student