Humanistic Studies

Theater Concentration

Updated at December 20, 2020

Theater Concentration

The Play’s the Thing, the central component of the Theatre Concentration, is comprised of two linked courses, PERF 303 and FA 303, that result in a Mainstage Production each year. The Production is, typically, a ticketed, revenue-producing, public performance series held in MICA’s BBOX in the spring semester, usually in early to mid-April.

PERF303 From Text to Performance is required of all students who enroll in The Play’s the Thing for a given year. The course is devoted to an intensive study of the script(s) and related background research for that year’s production. Students earn the second three credits in one of three linked FA303 courses by choosing to enroll in: FA303 Technical Design, for those students selected for set, lighting, sound and prop design and construction, FA 303 Costuming for Theatre, for those students selected for costume/makeup designers and producers, or FA303 Production for those who have been selected as actors, dancers, musician, singers, filmmakers, stage managers, dramaturgs, and publicity/marketing designers and producers.

The Play’s the Thing is designed to offer diverse performance experiences to MICA students. The opportunities will run the gamut of performance forms, including scripted theatre, musicals, dance, devised performances, pop-ups, multi-media events, and others.

Each year’s performance season is designed to maximize the MICA experience of performance studies, theatre, and a range of interdisciplinary performance forms in ways that link engagement in the Humanistic Studies with work in the Studio Arts. In addition to obtaining valuable experience in the collaborative and interdisciplinary processes of performance making, students receive the relevant professional training and the opportunity to add documentation from The Play’s the Thing to their own portfolio.

Although it is strongly recommended that 12 of the 15 credits be taken over two years in The Play’s the Thing with one additional elective course chosen by the student from the course list, a student can petition to have the second set of six credits be obtained in an equivalent manner.