Humanistic Studies
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Majors Theses

Updated at August 20, 2019

Humanistic Studies Majors Theses, Summer 2016

Faculty Advisor: Christine Manganaro

Zagawah (Zae) Soe, "From Assimilation to Advancement: Examining the Asian American Impact on Suburbia," (pdf)

Taylor Smith-Hams, "Just Sustainabilities in Baltimore: A Campaign for Fair Development in Curtis Bay" (pdf)

Cassidy Lubberts, "The Woods Around Us Have It" (pdf)

Humanistic Studies Majors Theses, Winter 2015

Faculty Advisor: Christine Manganaro

Emma Hohenstein, Photography and Humanistic Studies.

Jess Bastidas, Illustration and Humanistic Studies.

Humanistic Studies Majors Theses, Summer 2015

Faculty Advisor: Bob Merrill

Kacie Mills, Graphic Design and Humanistic Studies. "Disorientation: A Critique of Post 9/11" (pdf)

Marissa Fein, Interdisciplinary Sculpture and Humanistic Studies, "Freedom: A Simulated Technology of our Global Network."

Hayley Evans, "Howard Street: Barriers and Environmental Determinism in Baltimore City" (pdf)

Mac Falby, "Against Nature-Thoughts on Ecology and Morality"  (pdf)

Cynthu Muthusamy, "Goddesses of the Earth and Cosmos"

Dana Holgerson, "Mad Geniuses"

On On Lao, "Triumph of the Mind: 20th Century Idealism"