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Senior Thesis is a visual representation of a student's study at MICA culminating in a campus-wide exhibition. It represents a year's worth of exploration on a  topic of their choice with the guidance of faculty and a variety of visiting artists.


As well as the exhibition, a MICA Photo tradition is that students each year collaborate to produce a catalogue of the work as a companion to the exhibition. 




Artists: Donovan Levy, Callee Jo McCosby, Madison Bailey Trotman, Faith Couch, Olivia Wohlers, Suzanne Sferrazza, Jingyu San, Bao Nyguen, Luz Del Carmen Salama-Tobar, Bethany Hicks, Vivian Wingard, Janella Branch, Deyane Moses, Landon McKinley Green, Kurt Guo, Sierra Haynes, Summer Raine Young, Allison Natchigall




Artists: Akea Broinne Brown, Logan W.Schoeberlein, Laura M. Stewart, Nat Raum, Lauren Bulbin, Summer Howard, Zach Burden, Sydney Cook, Alan Clark III, Kamaria Cunningham, Paul Lai, Alex Papalitskas, Rachel Payne, Angelo Ries, Dante Sisifo, Alison Warren.




Artists: Shiloh Bernstein, David Billet, Kaitlyn Conte, Shannon Dagon, Lara Davidson, Charlotte Duncan, Isabel Gadd, Cameron Hanley, Lynn Hunter, Ian Kline, Kris LaRosa, Evie Metz, Jade Peterson, Zeina Zeitoun.