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The Lucid Art Foundation’s 2020 Residency Program: Climate Change

Deadline November 27, 2019

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The goal of the Lucid Art Residency Program is to provide artists with a serene, retreat-like natural environment for creative exploration and inquiry into arts and consciousness. The Lucid Art Foundation encourages exploration of art through multimedia, conceptual, ecological, and interdisciplinary approaches. During the residency (generally taking place from March to November of each year), artists will have the opportunity to explore the practice of lucid art, with special emphasis on the integration of art, process, and inner awareness. Through this practice, a deeper foundation is created that fosters individual artistic growth and development, as well as the understanding of the artist's role in society.

The Lucid Art Foundation’s Residency 2020 program will have the specific focus of Climate Change. The program directs artists towards alternative ways of raising awareness of our climate crisis, including, but not limited to, the 6th mass extinction, biodiversity, habitat loss, and food security issues. Artists working in the visual arts, video/new media, music composition, writing, poetry, dance, or performance choreography will be considered. The 2020 residency will also encourage multidisciplinary approaches and collaborative projects with scientists, ecologists, and environmentalists.