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CFP: Mapping Nature | ANTARKTIKOS Journal

Deadline June 21, 2021

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The vast continent of Antarctica is an isolated location whose harsh conditions and heavenly natural serenity have long appealed to the imagination. However, the remaining opportunities for this ‘untouched’ no man’s land are not without responsibility. Since the signing of the 1959 Antarctic Treaty, Antarctica has been a scientific reserve for peaceful purposes, scientific investigation and environmental protection. Despite Antarctica belonging to no one, and thus to us all, the continent plays a significant role, at many levels, on the world stage. Antarctica could be seen as the main protagonist in the issues and challenges facing the contemporary world.

ANTARKTIKOS is the first independent, international magazine entirely dedicated to Antarctica. This annual journal combines artistic and scientific exploration within the awe-inspiring and thought-provoking context of Antarctica.  In many respects, scientists and artists share an immaterial and mental ownership of Antarctica. They are not interested in conquering or ownership. Instead, they temporarily engage with the continent to bring knowledge, ideas, inspiration, confusion, beauty, and acutely urgent questions to the world. This magazine provides a platform for a broad range of artistic and scientific perspectives that can reinforce one another. 

For this first issue, ANTARKTIKOS is putting out an open call for a broad range of subjects or areas. This can be any kind of research, story, or visualization related to the mapping of Antarctica. From ice cores containing the information trapped in 20,000-year-old air bubbles, to the architectural drawing of research stations, to imaginary maps of Antarctica in the year 3000.