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CfP: Literary Connections 2021

Deadline June 15, 2021


As Roland Barthes pointed out in 1967, “in the multiplicity of writing, everything must be disentangled, nothing deciphered”, suggesting that literary texts exist in relation to a myriad of previous cultural artifacts regardless of their author. Texts thus also become meaningful in establishing fruitful and ongoing dialogues. The intertextual connections that allow hermeneutics itself—or the inscription of any given meaning/s—are not limited to a garden of forking paths in an exclusively literary Borgian library. On the contrary, from its very conception, any literary artifact is linked to many others that emerge from an almost infinite number of different fields of knowledge. Consequently, it seems as if literature insisted on being enjoyed, studied, and analyzed from a multidisciplinary perspective.

We invite scholars from all over the world to send proposals which explore the following multidisciplinary and transversal approach to literary analysis:

Due to the current pandemic, it would be reckless to celebrate this conference in a traditional way. So, the Conference will be held virtually through synchronous and asynchronous participation. Synchronous events will take place through a free and reliable teleconference service. In turn, asynchronous presentations can be recorded and emailed to the conference organizers to be stored and displayed on the conference website.