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CfP: PEDAGOGY- Literature, Linguistics, & Digital Tools | Vernon Press

Deadline July 15, 2021


We are seeking papers for a volume of essays with a focus on an international range of pedagogical interventions in the teaching of literature with a focus on language and the use of digital tools.  The study of literature has taken many turns since New Criticism of the early 20th century—Psychoanalytic, Marxist, Semiotics, Structuralism, Deconstruction, New Historicism, Post-Colonial, Feminist, Queer, and Critical Race.  All these various theories nonetheless rest on a foundation of meticulous careful reading, or playful misreading. That is to say, whatever one is looking for in literary texts, or whatever frame one is looking through, we begin with the language of those works. The digital tools that are now part of our reading armamentarium give us powerful new ways to see texts and to see into them. And that, in turn, means we have new ways to help students of literature understand and respond to texts