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Green Box Residencies

Deadline October 15, 2021

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The Green Box Arts Festival was officially launched in 2009 to provide artists and visitors with an opportunity to nurture the creative process and explore new artistic directions in the natural beauty of Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. For 2022, Green Box will offer three different kinds of residencies. 

Green Box is seeking artists who will agree to specific deliverables for three separate projects. They are:


Throughout 2022, Green Box will offer two residencies that are open to any artist, duo or artistic collective working in any artistic discipline. Deliverables will be mutually agreed upon at the time of awarding the residencies.


In 2022, Green Box will offer our first Exchange Residency. Green Box welcomes applications from individual artists seeking to be paired with two other individual artists working in different artistic disciplines, to create something new together. Imagine a theatrical director collaborating with a poet and a composer on a new performance art piece; or a painter, non-fiction writer, and dancer developing the next great work of art. The sky is the limit.