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CfP: Representing Craft/Crafting Representation | DHS Dialogues

Deadline November 30, 2021


How has craft been represented through a variety of media? What impact does representation through the particularities of images, films, spoken and written words, digital platforms have on how craft is practiced and understood? To what extent do representations focus upon materials, tools, practices, makers, environments? How has the dialogue between craft and representation informed the transmission of craft skills? How has the mediation of craft informed its status within debates about heritage and identity? In what ways might translation across particular modalities of communication resonate distinctly locally, transnationally, globally? How has the representation of craft been mobilized to generate or to problematize consumption?

This open call invites proposals from speakers worldwide and across the widest possible range of disciplines and career stages who are thinking critically about intersections between craft and representation. Speakers will show one PowerPoint slide in their 10-minute presentation.