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Amant Studio & Research Residency

Deadline November 30, 2021

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Every year, Amant Studio & Research Residency Program awards artists from around the world with research-oriented residencies in its brand new campus in Brooklyn, NY. During the three-month duration of each residency period, four artists are provided with individual studio spaces, an expense allowance, as well as resources to support long-term research projects and archival work.

With experimental practices within the visual arts, cultural theory, writing, filmmaking, and performance, the residents form a central part of Amant’s dynamic multidisciplinary programming. Amant also supports each resident’s artistic research by facilitating access to relevant institutions, archives, and scholars in New York City. By listening to and engaging with the many perspectives the city has to offer, each artist has the opportunity to enrich their creative practice and gain access to New York’s world-renowned art scene.

Echoing the general ethos of Amant, the Studio & Research Residency Program places a special emphasis on thinking alongside narratives that have not been validated, interpreted, or recorded by art history and history, fostering an active dialogue with local organizations and communities, art professionals, and cultural producers at large.

Above all else, Amant is committed to providing residents with the time and support they need to experiment.