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CFP: In and Out of Time- Global Perspectives on Time in Art History

Deadline January 18, 2019

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California State University, Sacramento, 2019 Festival of the Arts 16th Annual Art History Symposium seeks papers that expand and complicate the discipline’s foundational conception of time - the imperial time of Eurocentric normativity – towards a comprehension of multiple perceptions and social organizations of time and their interactions. Can a global art history be written in an inclusive way that comprehends how visual cultures have conceived of the passage of time, history, and memory differently? Topics might include (but are not limited to) art and architecture that involve a layering of temporalities, timekeeping, calendars, and clocks; art and religious conceptions of time; creation myths and the “beginning of time”; the politics of collective memorials; race and time; and time as form and content in film, video, and performance art.