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Expanded Materiality: Surprise and Serendipity in Art Education

Deadline January 15, 2019

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Trends invites essays and artworks that explore and expand the way materiality matters in art education and in and through art. At root we are asking how artists and art teachers attend to the tools and materials that anchor their practices, and how producers and receivers of art pay attention to the material world.

Trends 2019 welcomes arts-based and text-based submissions. We also welcome research manuscripts that analyze the learning potentials of material practices and how art forms correspond to modes of being, allowing us to visually contemplate and experience ways of interacting in the world. In all categories of submissions we are thinking of materials broadly, including image-making, collage, mixed media, photography, creative writing, performance, walking, listening, collecting, cartography, graphic interventions, and other material encounters.

Trends, The Journal of the Texas Art Education Association is a refereed professional journal, published annually by the Texas Art Education Association and is sent to all members and to selected state and national officials. The journal accepts articles written by authors residing both inside and outside of the state of Texas.