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CFP: Strelka Mag

Deadline May 10, 2019

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As Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design marks its 10th anniversary and concludes The New Normal speculative urbanism think-tank this year, it is transforming its online magazine Strelka Mag into an open publishing platform for experimental, interdisciplinary research focused on new urban conditions.

In the age of hyper interdependence and planetary-scale computation coupled with uncertainties of the Anthropocene, there is an acute need to find new ways of mapping and navigating the global complexity. We seek to explore these new conditions from the perspective of emerging technologies, as well as at the non-technical level of articulating collective purpose and building solidarities.

In its inaugural open call, Strelka Mag invites writers and researchers to explore how speculating about possible futures might enable collective action in the present. We look at different scales: from the micro-level of indigenous communities to supranational infrastructural politics and platform economies. We also invite you to investigate both the emancipatory and oppressive sides of technology and broaden the discussion with non-Western, post-colonial, feminist, and post-human perspectives.