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CFP-Paperbark: Resilience

Deadline May 05, 2019

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Paperbark is a print and electronic-based literary magazine, published annually, with a focus on the environmental humanities, sustainable living, and the promotion of literary and fine arts. Published through the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the magazine is a platform for conversations around the currents of contemporary culture through the lens of sustainability, with themes ranging from climate change, policy, and science, to the meaning of place and the value of creative expression.

Issue 02 Theme: Resilience. Resilience, a commitment to the act of survival; a reverence for our Emergence and a will to carry on. This is our becoming, our unwinding, our chance to show how we are under pressure.  We are all under pressure, here. Here, we work to recognize harm and to unlearn its violent boundaries. We work to grow in tune with symbiosis, equity, and truth-telling. Here, we honor what is daring, what dwells in liminality, what is strengthened through multiplicity. This work is unafraid insofar as it embraces the fear involved in the work of living. We look to narratives that are timely, that live through and with trauma, that are malleable and potentially still forming. This work is bold. This work is boundless. Submitters of underrepresented identities are strongly encouraged to send works.