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CFP- Motion: Migrations | 35th CIHA World Congress

Deadline October 31, 2019

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The CIHA (Comité International d’Histoire de l’Art)  Brazil Committee invites proposals for participation in nine Sessions, six Emerging Scholars Seminars, and a Special Session that will constitute the 35th CIHA World Congress, Motion: Migrations

The forthcoming CIHA conference aims to describe, to reflect upon and to analyze different forms of migrations in a concrete, historiographical, and theoretical way. Contemporary challenges can help us to define our epistemological questions, as well as a historical foundation,  can deepen and widen the perspectives for our knowledge. Migration can mean a movement of peoples, objects and ideas (or concepts). How traveling artifacts can challenge cultural patterns? Migrated objects could be creative, for example, in establishing different cultural codes in collections – from the Wunderkammer to contemporary artist’s networks; or they could be threatening within the cultural encounters – from apotropaic figures to iconoclastic manifestations, since the Byzantine iconoclasm to the recent destructions of the Bamiyan Buddhas or other objects declared as “world heritage”. Does it make a difference whether such concepts, peoples, and objects are forced to emigrate, or do it by free will? Concerning the object, how should we deal with the question of repatriation? How are art historical practices to deal with migrations across time? How does the latter help us to deal with the notion of anachronism? How productive and/or creative can it be when considering artistic practices and cultural exchanges? How, for instance, were pre-modern artifacts integrated into Renaissance architecture and their related concepts?

The organization committee will oversee the selection of participations assuring to promote the inclusion of scholars from all parts of the world, not privileging any specific geographical or cultural region. Each person will be able to present a paper in only one of the Sessions or the Emerging Scholars Seminars.