Greenmount West Community Center (GWCC)




CAC Member:  Christopher Johnson

The Greenmount West Community Center opened its doors to the Central Baltimore community in March 2017. Entering its fourth year of programming, the center serves forty plus children daily and employs an additional five youth from within the community.

The Greenmount West Community Center Foundation is the place where exposure to opportunity and innovation collide.The result is an unparalleled excitement for achievement and mastery.The GWCCF provides youth and their families with sustainable programming and innovative partnerships in a safe, communal art space.

Our vision is a safe, welcoming, and inclusive gathering space where opportunities for growth, learning and to create are boundless.We expose our youth to local and internationally known citizens from the arts, sciences, political landscape, academia and beyond. We intentionally arrange for our young people to work, create and innovate with them. This critical exposure opens worlds of opportunities and brings possibilities to life.

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State of My Residency project 

Chris Johnson is our 2019-20 Artist-in-Residence at the Greenmount West Community Center. He is currently completing his MFA in Community Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). 'State of My Residency' is his final project. Read below for a description of the project in Chris' own words:
"Being a grad student had its weight and this video allowed my truth. Grateful folks have a consistency of asking how do I feel, my response is “cool like a mountain”. A mountain goes through changes, erosion by wind or rain, volcanic activity and even earthquakes. But at the end of all those changes it still stands."

Did you know that at GWCC, we support our community INSIDE & OUT . . .

• We  distributed 125 Arts&Crafts kits during the months March-May.

• The partnership with the BMA to expand on this initiative has allowed us to distribute 120 this week. With the goal to distribute 1400 June-August.

• April-May a little over  10,500 frozen individual meals distributed in partnership with Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School & World Central Kitchen

• 400 lunches delivered to seniors and families in partnership with Franciscan Center

• 25,000 lbs of produce distributed in partnership with Maryland Food Bank