Open Works

CAC Member:  Renee Anderson

The mission of Open Works is to make tools, technology, and the knowledge to use them accessible to all.  Open Works connects people to manufacturing equipment, space, education, and Baltimore’s largest community of maker professionals. With programs for ages eight and up, they can help you make just about anything!  Baltimore is America’s original maker city.  From America’s first railroad to the world’s largest steel mill, we’ve built everything from locomotives to Liberty ships.  But manufacturing has changed, and the factories that once fueled our city are gone. Open Works was founded in 2016 to rebuild Baltimore’s manufacturing economy from the grassroots up — one maker at a time! Now one of America’s largest nonprofit makerspaces, Open Works supports 118 jobs and work with over 1,000 young people a year through educational programs. 


Open Works started this new video series in mid-March, to encourage all kinds of "making in place" at home, during the pandemic.  CAC Member Renee Anderson has been creating "How To" videos on how to make all kinds of amazing products at home.  Check out a few of Renee's videos below.  

More videos and resources and can be found on Open Works' Instagram and on the Open Works YouTube Channel.

Kool Aid Tie Dye

Japanese Book Binding 


Earlier this year at Open Works... 

Before the pandemic caused schools and businesses to shut down, CAC Member Renee Anderson led many exciting art making workshops for elementary and middle school youth at Open Works.   These included: 

•  Jewelry making workshop series in Fall 2019 -   Learning how to make earrings, bracelets, and wire-wrapped rings.

•  Role Playing Game (RPG) workshop series in Winter 2020 -  Creating 3-D printed character game pieces for tabletop games, inspired by the Scale & Tales RPG Starter Pack by Kevin Sherry (@scalesandtalesrpg)

• Ongoing visual arts workshops at local community partner Greenmount West Community Center.


Single line drawing excercise W/ GWCC youth  

Visit from Kevin Sherry during tabletop roleplay gaming class

Jewelry Making Workshop 2019

Jewelry Making Workshop 2019

Jewelry Making Workshop 2019

Tabletop Role Play Gaming Workshop 2020