Community Art and Service

Community Site Leaders

For the Spring 2021 Semester, all service engagements will be done remotely via Zoom.


Community Site Leader(CSL) is a semester-long volunteer position for students who want to be more engaged in larger Baltimore community through art-making and education. Depending on the site’s needs and schedule, CSL volunteer 1-4 hours per week virtually via Zoom to support the site supervisor with arts-focused activities, lessons, or projects. Community Site Leaders are expected to be a consistent volunteer for a semester, attend required professional development workshops and CSL meetings.

Some CSLs work directly with the community site supervisor and some assist in France-Merrick Fellow's project.  After two semesters of CSL experience, they are eligible to apply for the France-Merrick Fellowship. 



Community Site Leader receives a stipend that is reflective of their attendance and work at their assigned community site. For the Spring 2021 semester, the CSL stipend will be $400 paid in full at the end of the semester.




You can apply by filling this form


If you have any questions about Community Site Leader position, please contact: 

Bomin Jeon (Coordinator of Community Arts, Center for Student Engagement)