Community Art and Service

Community Site Leaders

Community Site Leader(CSL) is a semester long volunteer position for students who want to be more engaged in larger Baltimore community through art making and education. Depending on the site’s needs and schedule, CSL volunteer 1-4 hours per week on site to support the site supervisor with arts focused activities, lessons or projects. Community Site Leaders are expected to be a consistent volunteer for a semester, attend required professional development workshops and bi-weekly meetings.

Some CSLs work directly with community site supervisor and some assist in France-Merrick Fellow's project.  After two semesters of CSL experience, they are eligible to apply for France-Merrick Fellowship. 



Community Site Leader receives a stipend that is reflective of their attendance and work at their assigned community site. Deductions will be made in percentile calculation according to requirement fulfillment of the position.





If you have any questions about Community Site Leader position, please contact: 

Bomin Jeon (Coordinator of Community Arts, Center for Student Engagement)