Selection of Artists at Dolphin Press & Print @ MICA. 

Dolphin Press & Print @ MICA selects one artist each year to collaborate on a project partnered with a residency at MICA. During the residency, the selected artist collaborates with student printers and the managing co-director. 

At this time, the selection process is by invitation only. Artists are chosen by the Directors of Dolphin Press & Print.

Please consult our Glossary of Printmaking Processes to learn more about editions made at DP&P.


Michael Bartalos Willie Birch       Lesley Dill Bryn Freeman 
Trenton Doyle Hancock Jane Kent Sarah McEneaney Jon Rappleye

Whitney Sherman 

Christopher Whittey  Cynthia Bauer      Lynda Bills
  Henrik Drescher  Robert Mannino James Siena Gizem Vural