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Dis-placia: Vacants in the Village Documentary Community Screening

October 24, 2021
3:00PM - 6:00PM
Online Event

Dis-placia: Vacants in the Village is the third part of Fight Blight Bmore's series to increase awareness about blight in Baltimore.

About this event

It builds on part I, a transmedia exhibition, and part II a community-based hack-a-thon to create a feature-length documentary film that exposes what blight is, how it came into being, what must be done to address it and how the community is doing its part to solve the problem. 

Dis-placia delivers an Afrofuturist critique of local policy, real estate development, and business engagement's impact on community development efforts in Baltimore. Blight consumes Baltimore's predominantly Black neighborhoods. This isn't an accident; this is strategic. Community activists and organizers work diligently to counter the purposeful and strategic devaluation of Baltimore's Black communities.

Register for this free, online event HERE.