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Tim Eads : Rug Tufting Demo & Lunch Lecture

October 30, 2019

Rug Tufting Demo:10-11:15am

Lunch Lecture: 12pm-1pm Pizza will be served or bring your own lunch. 

All your classes are welcome!

Tim Eads is a Philly-based designer and printer. He was born in Denver City, TX. From Cranbrook Academy of Art to a stint in Mexico, he worked as a graphic designer, art instructor, master printer, and artist for over 20 years. He was a master printer and project manager at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia from 2009-2015. Since then, he's called Philly his home. He recently became obsessed with the process of turfing to create innovative, dimensional textiles. 

Tim Eads

Designer, Artist and Maker

Art & Rug Making Supplies

Insta: @this_is_tim_Eads

FB: /tufttheworld