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Fall 2023 Classes *NEW*

April 27, 2023

The Fiber department has a full class schedule for Fall 2023 with the return of two full-time faculty members from sabbatical, Valeska Poluloh and Christina Day!

When registering for Fall classes, do not miss your chance to enroll in a new Special Topics course offered by Valeska Populoh, Wise Hands, as well as the return of favorites such as Soft Sculpture and Inflatables with Christina Day.

Fall 2023 Fiber Classes:

FB200.01-.03            Intro To Fiber

FB207.01                     Garment Design & Production

FB220.01                    Soft Sculpture & Inflatables

FB238.01                     Woven Imagery

FB244.01                     Needle+Thread+Fabric=Quilt

FB334.01                     Surface Resist Dyeing

FB342.01                     Time, Material, Labor, Texile

FB351.01                      Woven Pixels: Image + Form

FB366.01                     Puppetry & Performing Objects

FB399.01                     Special Topics in Fibers/ Wise Hands

FB400.01                     Senior Thesis & Seminar I/II

FB438.01                      Multi Media Event I: Experimental Fashion