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Fall 2023 Classes

April 27, 2023

The Fiber department has a full class schedule for Fall 2023 with the return of two full-time faculty members from sabbatical, Valeska Poluloh and Christina Day!

When registering for Fall classes, do not miss your chance to enroll in the return of favorites such as Soft Sculpture and Inflatables with Christina Day.

Fall 2023 Fiber Classes:

FB200.01-.03            Intro To Fiber

FB207.01                     Garment Design & Production

FB220.01                    Soft Sculpture & Inflatables

FB238.01                     Woven Imagery

FB244.01                     Needle+Thread+Fabric=Quilt

FB334.01                     Surface Resist Dyeing

FB351.01                      Woven Pixels: Image + Form

FB366.01                     Puppetry & Performing Objects

FB400.01                     Senior Thesis & Seminar I/II

FB438.01                      Multi Media Event I: Experimental Fashion