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Updated at January 09, 2022


Online Resources

Makers Online Resources Compiled by Faculty and Staff


Mask Making Resources - Michelle Edwards Longway


Online Alternative Textile Printing Services

Spoonflower // Open for business

Print All Over Me  // Open for business // 50% off discount for students. Update coming soon. 

LTS Design Services // Open for business

Fabric on Demand // Open for business

Contrado // // Open for business // 30% off for students // says “Most international deliveries are with customers in 3 - 5 days”


Here is an estimated cost scenario for MICA textile printing services for reference... 

Fabric ordered from Jacquard with discount - 6ft Sample / 2 yards = $30 or more + shipping

MICA Print cost for 2 yards of fabric with 39 in image width  x 72 in image height = $19.63

Total for 2 yards printed fabric = $49.63 for 2 yards print costs and fabric + shipping +  fixative cost 

Total per yard for printed fabric = $24.81 / yard for print cost and fabric cost + shipping + fixative cost


Online Digital Weaving Services


Woven  PO Box 271 Columbus, North Carolina 28722 / Send a photo to weave. All products are woven with 100% recycled cotton yarn. Small family run business. Various woven product formats .  Weaving Gallery- Students can submit to enter the gallery. They receive 12 % royalty for sale .

Fiber Art  @fiberartweavers

Pure Country Weavers


Online Fabric / Material Vendors

Dharma Trading Co.

Online Fabric Store

RipStop by the Roll

Less EMF

Test Fabrics

Aetna Felt

Spandex House

Kite Builder

Westmark Corp.

WBL / Whaleys (United Kingdom)


Online Digital Textile Printer Fabric Vendors

Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Printing

Dharma Trading


Online Embroidery Vendors

The Nordic Needle

The Needle Point Joint

Purl Soho

M & M Horsehair Supply



Online Sewing Accessory Vendors


Sew True

International Design Supplies


Sewing Supply Warehouse

Create For Less

Corset Making Supplies / Delicious LLC


Online Synthetic and Natural Dye / Surface Design/ SilkScreen Vendors

ProChemical and Dye

Dharma Trading Co.

Botanical Colors

Slow Fiber Studios

Aurora Silk

Earth Hues

Earth Guild

Holden's Screen Supply



K Laser

Laura Murray Designs

FlockIt! LTD

Martin Supply Co.

Screen Printing


Online Smart Textiles Vendors

Electronix Express


Ada Fruit

Mouser Electronics

Less EMF


Online Yarn and Wool Vendors


Halcyon Yarn

Earth Guild

Purl Soho

Alpaca Direct


Online Basketry Vendors

Royal Wood LTD

Basket Maker's Catalog


Online Millinery Vendors

Judith M. Millinery Supplies

Hats By Leko


Online Leather Vendors 

Tandy Leather Co.